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22b Andreya Sheptytskogo str., Kyiv 02002, Ukraine

Dom komforta

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Dom komforta

Online store "Dom Komforta".  Is eco-friendly!  Qualitatively! Reliably!  The online store presents products from environmental materials, which is a very important point when buying products for the design and design of any city apartment, country house, or a private country house.

The store presents:

  - ceramic stoves made of refractory fireclay clay for cooking your favorite dishes - Tandoor.  You do not need to turn the skewers and watch the fire! You do not interfere with rain, wind and even frost!  Bake fish, fresh vegetables, lamb leg, cook in a tandoor a juicy and fragrant kebab, real pilaf, shurpa, lagman ... In TANDOOR it will be easy for YOU to cook for children and friends!


  - ceramic tableware made of red clay in a rustic style: jugs, Krynki, milk jugs, soup bowls, pots for roasts, soup bowls, plates, cast iron, cauldrons, teapots.  Tableware made in accordance with all standards, sanitary norms and rules, medical safety indicators and meets the conditions of the current sanitary legislation of Ukraine.  The taste of dishes cooked in pottery, out of competition!


  - landscape gardening and landscape ceramics made of chamotte clay.  Due to its natural material, as well as the nobility of color and texture, street ceramics made of chamotte will organically fit into the landscape gardening ensembles and will look exquisitely on your backyard.  Chamotte products are not afraid of atmospheric phenomena and seasonal temperature changes. Therefore, your plants will be comfortable and cozy in chamotte pots!


Create a good mood and atmosphere of comfort for yourself with products from the Dom Komforta store!

You  an see and purchase products right now!  The entire range is available in stock in Kiev.  Office and warehouse at the same address. Any quantity wholesale and retail.  We are ready to consider interesting projects and proposals for the expansion of the range!

Attention!  All items are handmade.  In this regard, the shade of the products themselves and the picture may slightly differ from those stated on the site.

If you have additional questions about the cost of products, the order, the terms of payment, the timing of the order, delivery, just contact us in any way convenient for you and we will try to give you full information as soon as possible.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DomKomKiev.

22b Andreya Sheptytskogo str., Kyiv 02002, Ukraine
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Monday - Frieday from 10-00 to 17-30
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Delivery is carried out by private carriers. Mostly by bus. For delivery and payment please call +38 067 500 44 36. We got Viber, Telegramm, Messenger.
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Payment is made by MoneyGram transfer systems.

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