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Tandoor. Questions and answers.

Тандир.  Запитання та відповіді.

Tandoor. Questions and answers.


Question number 1: Is it possible to kindle a tandoor on the veranda or in the gazebo?

Answer: No, if the ventilation pipe over the tandoor or the height of the arbor is less than 3 meters, is not provided in the arbor design. It is impossible to kindle a tandoor in enclosed spaces. During ignition, the height of the flame can reach more than one and a half meters.


Question number 2: Can I use the tandoor in the winter?

Answer: Yes, it can be used at any time of the year, but at low negative temperatures each ignition should be the same as at the first, that is, the temperature should be raised as smoothly as possible (read: “First steps after buying a tandoor”). It is necessary to take into account that in the cold season the tandoor warms up longer and cools down faster, respectively, and the time during which the working temperature is kept decreases. For those who like to cook for a large group of friends, and even more so in the winter, we recommend purchasing insulated tandoors.


Question number 3: The walls and cover of the tandoor is very hot?

Answer: Yes, they heat up if you plan to purchase a tandoor in the standard version, intended only for home use. In the process of heating, the temperature inside the tandyr can reach 500 ° C, which leads to a fairly strong heating of the walls from the outside. Therefore, do not allow children to the heated tandoor!

In the warmed tandoor, intended both for cafes, restaurants, and for home use - the outer sides of the wall are not too hot, you can touch, but in this case it is strictly forbidden to allow children to tandoor!

To remove / open the lid of any tandoor, please use fabric gloves or tongs. To remove the skewers, it is also recommended to use woven mittens or tongs.


Question number 4: Do I need to put out the tandoor?

The answer is no. Water cannot be poured on the hot tandyr. Due to the large temperature difference, the tandoor can crack and cause unrecoverable cracks. The fire in the tandoor should go out naturally. If the tandoor gets wet in the rain or snow, we recommend to kindle the tandoor as during the first ignition (read: “First steps after buying a tandoor”). In order to avoid the ingress of snow inside it is recommended to close the lid of the tandoor with a regular bag or to cover the entire tandoor with a special cover.


Question number 5: How to store the tandoor?

Answer: If you do not plan to use the tandoor in the winter, then it is advisable to store the tandoor under a shed or indoors. If you store outdoors, it is better to cover with a protective film from precipitation. Unlike stationary tandoors, our tandoors are mobile. Therefore, you can freely plan and choose where it is best to put the tandoor in storage.


Question number 6: After the first ignition on the tandoor cracks appeared. What to do?

Answer: Cobweb cracks that appeared during the first ignition are not a defect or a marriage. These cracks serve as heat seams when heated and cooled tandoor. In order for them to be as inconspicuous as possible, it is necessary to raise the temperature in the tandoor as smoothly as possible during the first ignition, as in the following (read: “First steps after buying a tandoor”).


Question number 7: What to drown tandoor? What's better?

Answer: It is best to drown with wood that gives excellent heat. These are firewood of solid breeds: oak, ash, hornbeam ... As firewood you can use modern fuels for igniting barbecues, stoves and tandoors - pellets, briquettes, but only from solid wood that does not contain resins. You can also burn firewood from fruit trees, but they do not give enough heat.

You can also use charcoal, but the use of coal for ignition is impractical, since the walls of the tandoor need to be heated, and the coal will burn quickly, and the walls will not have time to heat up. Charcoal can quite successfully maintain the working temperature during long cooking. Pine and other firewood containing resin should not be used.


Question number 8: Do I need to clean the burned coals before cooking?

Answer: In tandoor, you can cook with or without coals. If you like diet meals, then you need to remove the coals before laying the dishes in the tandoor. If you like dishes with a crust and a smoke, then in this case, the coal can be left in the tandoor. Coals can be left in the tandoor also if you want to speed up the cooking process.


Question number 9: How many bookmarks can be made for one ignition of the tandoor?

Answer: The number of bookmarks depends on the dishes you choose and on the selected tandoor. In a standard tandoor, for example, if you bake a pork or lamb leg that is cooked for 2-2.5 hours, this is one tab. In principle, for one ignition (total cooking time 2-2.5 hours) in a standard tandoor you can cook, for example, pork shish kebab (15-20 minutes) + bake vegetables (30-40 minutes) + pita with suluguni and greens (10 minutes), i.e. up to three tabs, but the cooking time of each subsequent bookmark is doubled.If you plan to make from two to three tabs for one ignition, then you first need to cook meat or fish, and only then vegetables. If the heat in the tandoor is not enough for cooking, then a few logs will be enough for you to regain the working temperature. In the warmed tandoor, heat is retained in two - three times longer, respectively, for one ignition, two - three times more dishes can be cooked.

Note: potatoes are the longest-cooked.


Question number 10: Is it possible to bake flat bread in tandyrs?

Answer: Yes. The word "tandoor" is associated with many precisely with flat cakes. Tandoors offered by us for sale are universal. On the walls of each of them, you can also bake flat cakes, but due to the fact that the neck is not too wide (as in capital earth tandoors, which are intended only for baking bread and flat cakes), and the heat is decent, baking cakes in the traditional way requires special skills and caution. If skill and caution is there, then no problem.


Question number 11: Do you have documents confirming that the tandoor is made according to the specifications and does not have harmful substances?

Answer: Yes, there is. The products of the Comfort House online store - tandoors, furnaces, and also additional accessories from stainless food steel successfully passed all laboratory researches and tests. Our products have no harmful impurities and at high temperatures do not emit harmful substances, meets all sanitary standards, quality and safety requirements in accordance with the requirements of the current sanitary legislation of Ukraine, as evidenced by expert opinions issued by the state sanitary and epidemiological service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Question number 12: What kind of loading skewers more effective: the top through the slots in the large top cover or bottom by hanging skewers on the ring?

Answer: There is no single answer. Some people like the top load, while others use the bottom one, and still others, instead of skewers, mostly use all kinds of grids, hooks and nozzles. The choice of load is also influenced by the presence of skewers with appropriate sizes.


Question number 13: What size tandyr is better to buy for a private house?

Answer: If the number of guests and households is no more than 6 people and you want to go to the nature taking the tandoor with you, then it makes sense to buy a standard tandoor of small sizes: “Mini” or tandoor №1.

If the number of guests and households is from 6 to 15 people, then we recommend purchasing standard tandoors of medium size: №2, №3, №3,5. If the number of guests and households is from 15 people, then in this case we can offer a choice: standard big tandyr No. 5 or warmed to 130 liters and more (large neck - 40 cm), which allows you to easily place a large amount of meat and vegetables inside a tandoor for one load or insulated tandoor (retain heat twice as long as standard, which will save you a lot of time and nerves if your guests taste and require supplements). Tandoor №4-№5 (standard) and №4-У - №5У (warmed) will fulfill their task 100% when it is necessary to please the numerous guests of your house with their tasty and favorite dishes.

Its up to you!

09 01 2016 11:46
comment: Здравствуйте!
Хотим приобрести тандыр и поставить его в кафе( которое находиться во встроенном помещении жилого дома) каким образом это все осуществляется?
11 01 2016 16:46
Хотим приобрести тандыр и поставить его в кафе( которое находиться во встроенном помещении жилого дома) каким образом это все осуществляется?
Для таких целей необходимо использовать тандыр с отверстием для дымохода. Например, http://www.domkomforta.budsvit.ua/item/3943597/tan dyr-iz-shamotnoy-gliny-aziatskiy-ute. Или утепленный профессиональный тандыр с отверстием для дымохода - http://www.domkomforta.budsvit.ua/item/3946752/tan dyr-iz-shamotnoy-gliny-5-u-uteplyonn. Дополнительно место оборудуется вытяжкой.
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