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workshop     23 April 2013

Tandoor. Questions and answers.

Tandoor. Questions and answers. Tandoor. Questions and answers.   Question number 1: Is it possible to kindle a tandoor on the veranda or in the gazebo? Answer: No, if the ventilation pipe over the tandoor or the height of the arbor is less than 3 meters, is not provided in the arbor design. It is impossible to kindle a tandoor in enclosed spaces. During ignition, the height of the flame can reach more than one and a half meters.   Question number 2: Can I use the tandoor in the winter? Answer: Yes, it can be used at any time of the year, but at low negative temperatures each ignition should be the same as at the first, that is, the temperature should be raised as smoothly as possible (read: “First steps after buying a tandoor”). It is necessary to take into account that in the cold season the tandoor warms up longer and cools down faster, respectively, and the time during which the working temperature is kept decreases. For those who like to cook for a large group of ...
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