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19 May 2017

The history of tandyr from antiquity to modern times in different nations.

The history of tandyr from antiquity to modern times in different nations. I want to continue the topic of tandyr, a unique and magical oven in which you can cook an incredibly tasty, and most importantly, healthy and healthy food. Today, humanity has come to understand that you need to eat right, eat healthy food, but at the same time wants it to be refined tasty and not difficult to prepare. In the age of high technology and rapid progress, cooking speed is also very important. And yet, no "high tech" compares with the good old tandoor, the food that is cooked in it, has an unforgettable and unique taste. It will be about the Uzbek tandoor. In different nations it is called Tonir, Tunir, Tone, but in Uzbekistan this stove is called Tandyr. In each Uzbek courtyard there is a tandoor. It is an integral part of national life. Here, in Uzbekistan, as well as many centuries ago, only a small circle of masters of pottery owns the secret of its production. The main property and undoubtedly the dignity of the tandyr, as a furnace, is that the dishes in it are ......

10 May 2017

The history of Tandyr, from antiquity to modernity, in different nations

The history of Tandyr, from antiquity to modernity, in different nations Tandyr is a clay oven that is dug in the ground or ground in the form of barrels in height from a meter to one and a half meters. In Armenia, "Tandyr" is called "Tonir" or "Tundir" and it is one of the oldest furnaces in the world. Archaeologists have found the remains of "Tonirov" and there are pieces of burned lavash at the beginning of the 20th century in the medieval Armenian capital Ani (near the church "Gagkashen") during excavations. In ancient times, "Tandyr" was used not only for cooking, but also for heating the dwelling and considered it a sacred place helping to get rid of illness. In the settlements where church buildings were absent, the priests had the right to conduct a marriage ceremony in front of Tonir. It was believed that Armenian women leaned in front of Tonir while baking bread and worshiping the sun. In the Nagorno-Karabakh, "Tonira" was installed away from a dwelling house, under special canopies or a special room "Tonratun". There was one such "Tonir" for ......

15 April 2013

Recipes for lamb tandoor

Recipes for lamb tandoor We welcome everyone who has come to the blog of our online store "House of Comfort". We hope that this information will be useful and interesting. Today we will talk about recipes for cooking lamb, namely, lamb's legs. According to our recipes you can cook in tandyrs http://www.domkomforta.budsvit.ua/sadovye-barbekyu-mangaly-tandyry/, as well as in Russian stoves. We have already prepared the first two recipes in Tandyr. I want to say that it turned out very and very EXCELLENT! Ready with mood! Enjoy the process of cooking! Enjoy the delicious meal! So, prepare a mutton leg in a tandyr: Recipe №1 Barana legs marinated in a soya sauce for 1,5-2 hours. After that we smear the mustard, spin garlic and leave for another 1.5-2 hours. Before laying in the prepared tandoor, we weat a leg of lamb with honey and sprinkle with sesame seeds, we roll in foil and place in tandyr. At the same time, the covers are closed, burned coals lie at the bottom of the tandyr. Approximate cooking time: ......

27 December 2012

Prepare in Tandyr!

Prepare in Tandyr! Dear customers, in this blog of our online store "House of Comfort" will be provided information and photographs of the recipes of the best and delicious dishes cooked in tandoor with the use of additional tandoor accessories made of food stainless steel: skewer, 2-level grating " Transformer ", a kebab, a birdie attachment, a universal device" Yerochka ". All additional accessories for tandyrs are manufactured in accordance with GOST 27002-86 and have the Conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Examination under No. 05.03.02-04 / 84075 dated August 22, 2012. Photos, and especially the recipes of the dishes that are presented in this blog are real and made by the staff of our team, but if you are ready to share their recipes, cooked dishes in tandyr - please let us know and we will gladly place your information on our website. Stay tuned! Enjoy the cooking process! Enjoy the delicious meal! We are preparing pig breeds on the 2-tier grid Transformer. When cooking this ......

24 October 2012

Corporate gift to the director - Tandyr.

Corporate gift to the director - Tandyr. Choosing a gift for your supervisor (director, chief, boss, business partner) can be a daunting task if you do not treat your decision with due attention and scrupulousness. But, nevertheless, this problem can and must be safely resolved. To do this, you just need to spend some amount of time thinking about some details and the result will justify yourself. If your employer has any hobbies, hobbies or preferences, the conclusions made on the basis of this information will surely help you to choose the best gift option. , as far as possible. For example, if your boss likes to cook for guests, tandoor as a present may well be appropriate. In tandyr you can prepare everything you want. This oven can easily handle chicken or goose, and prepare a ham or a handle and will not make any work at all. Dishes cooked in tandoor are appetizing, fragrant, and most importantly, they do not have hot oil, which is so harmful to health. Tandyr really will become an indispensable helper in the ......

30 August 2012

Tandyrs and Certification!

Tandyrs and certification! The topic of "Certified tandoors, stoves, as well as additional accessories for tandoors and stoves from stainless food steel" is, in our opinion, very important and relevant to date. From the first day of our online store "House of Comfort" we try to convey to our buyer only the truthful information and did not hide the fact that only chamotte clay was certified. Dear customers who bought the products in the online store "House of Comfort"! We thank YOU for your choice and patience! We hope that this was the only minus the work of the store. We have fulfilled our promise and proudly announce that the products of the Internet store "House of Comfort" - tandirs, furnaces http://www.domkomforta.budsvit.ua/sadovaya-tehnika-i-instrument/ as well as additional accessories made of stainless food steel All laboratory tests and tests have been successfully passed. Our products have no harmful impurities and do not release harmful substances at high temperatures, ......

06 August 2012

Book reviews and suggestions !!!

Dear Customers and Users of the Site! We appeal to our regular customers to leave their comments and wishes about the work of the "House of Comfort" store and the quality of our managers' services. To date, all reviews were left only in words and directly in the office of the store. We will not spoil and say that the reviews were only positive for everything 100%. As for the products, we took into consideration the wishes of our customers and gradually improve the technology of the tandins and stoves itself, as well as the components to them, and also expand the range of related products. The most important thing is to say that the "House of Comfort" team is working on the certification of our products (tandirs, stoves). Yes, we did not have a certificate before, and this was the only disadvantage with us, but this is not a problem, it's just in time. We are waiting for your wishes and recommendations on the work of the store, as well as reviews from our customers who have already ......

01 August 2012

What kind of fuel is it - fuel briquettes?

What kind of fuel is this - fuel briquettes? Fuel briquettes are solid fuels derived from wood as well as other plant waste. As a raw material, in addition to sawdust, shavings, wood chips, chips, or other wood waste can also be used - natural raw materials. Wood fuel briquettes do not include any harmful substances, including adhesives. The heat output of wood fuel briquettes is very high, comparable to the best coal. Comparison of wood fuel briquettes with coal-anthracite, coke and wood shows that fuel briquettes have the highest rates of heat-removing capacity, and CO2 emissions are less than ten times less than other materials in terms of CO2 burning. A positive aspect when using wood fuel briquettes in the form of fuel is their minimal impact on the environment during combustion compared to classic solid fuel with the same calorific value as, for example, coal, but 15 times lower ash content (max 1.0%). Fuel briquettes belong to an environmentally friendly type of fuel, since ......

25 June 2012

Master is a cooking class in tandoor.

The Comfort House store is committed to improving the quality of service and is ready to offer today a completely new and interesting service for Tandoor customers, which, in our opinion, will greatly delight our regular customers, as well as those customers who have not decided on a purchase because they do not know how it is possible to use the Tandoor correctly and what exactly can be cooked in it. This is the service “Master - class with departure to the house”. When ordering this service, you no longer need to wool the Internet, look for a lot of articles, sit on the forums in order to correctly “run” the tandoor you bought into work and prevent unnecessary mistakes during preparation. Based on our sales experience, we can say that very often the Tandoor is bought as a gift to its relatives, close friends, or business partners and they want to match the purchase of a tandoor to a specific date. Therefore, in order to have the opportunity to have a rest and ......

15 February 2012


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