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22b Andreya Sheptytskogo str., Kyiv 02002, Ukraine

The Comfort House store is committed to improving the quality of service and is ready to offer today a completely new and interesting service for Tandoor customers, which, in our opinion, will greatly delight our regular customers, as well as those customers who have not decided on a purchase because they do not know how it is possible to use the Tandoor correctly and what exactly can be cooked in it. This is the service “Master - class with departure to the house”. When ordering this service, you no longer need to wool the Internet, look for a lot of articles, sit on the forums in order to correctly “run” the tandoor you bought into work and prevent unnecessary mistakes during preparation. Based on our sales experience, we can say that very often the Tandoor is bought as a gift to its relatives, close friends, or business partners and they want to match the purchase of a tandoor to a specific date. Therefore, in order to have the opportunity to have a rest and ......

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