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The history of tandyr from antiquity to modern times in different nations. I want to continue the topic of tandyr, a unique and magical oven in which you can cook an incredibly tasty, and most importantly, healthy and healthy food. Today, humanity has come to understand that you need to eat right, eat healthy food, but at the same time wants it to be refined tasty and not difficult to prepare. In the age of high technology and rapid progress, cooking speed is also very important. And yet, no "high tech" compares with the good old tandoor, the food that is cooked in it, has an unforgettable and unique taste. It will be about the Uzbek tandoor. In different nations it is called Tonir, Tunir, Tone, but in Uzbekistan this stove is called Tandyr. In each Uzbek courtyard there is a tandoor. It is an integral part of national life. Here, in Uzbekistan, as well as many centuries ago, only a small circle of masters of pottery owns the secret of its production. The main property and undoubtedly the dignity of the tandyr, as a furnace, is that the dishes in it are ......

The history of Tandyr, from antiquity to modernity, in different nations Tandyr is a clay oven that is dug in the ground or ground in the form of barrels in height from a meter to one and a half meters. In Armenia, "Tandyr" is called "Tonir" or "Tundir" and it is one of the oldest furnaces in the world. Archaeologists have found the remains of "Tonirov" and there are pieces of burned lavash at the beginning of the 20th century in the medieval Armenian capital Ani (near the church "Gagkashen") during excavations. In ancient times, "Tandyr" was used not only for cooking, but also for heating the dwelling and considered it a sacred place helping to get rid of illness. In the settlements where church buildings were absent, the priests had the right to conduct a marriage ceremony in front of Tonir. It was believed that Armenian women leaned in front of Tonir while baking bread and worshiping the sun. In the Nagorno-Karabakh, "Tonira" was installed away from a dwelling house, under special canopies or a special room "Tonratun". There was one such "Tonir" for ......

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