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15 April 2013

Recipes for lamb tandoor

Recipes for lamb tandoor We welcome everyone who has come to the blog of our online store "House of Comfort". We hope that this information will be useful and interesting. Today we will talk about recipes for cooking lamb, namely, lamb's legs. According to our recipes you can cook in tandyrs http://www.domkomforta.budsvit.ua/sadovye-barbekyu-mangaly-tandyry/, as well as in Russian stoves. We have already prepared the first two recipes in Tandyr. I want to say that it turned out very and very EXCELLENT! Ready with mood! Enjoy the process of cooking! Enjoy the delicious meal! So, prepare a mutton leg in a tandyr: Recipe №1 Barana legs marinated in a soya sauce for 1,5-2 hours. After that we smear the mustard, spin garlic and leave for another 1.5-2 hours. Before laying in the prepared tandoor, we weat a leg of lamb with honey and sprinkle with sesame seeds, we roll in foil and place in tandyr. At the same time, the covers are closed, burned coals lie at the bottom of the tandyr. Approximate cooking time: ......

Tandyrs and certification! The topic of "Certified tandoors, stoves, as well as additional accessories for tandoors and stoves from stainless food steel" is, in our opinion, very important and relevant to date. From the first day of our online store "House of Comfort" we try to convey to our buyer only the truthful information and did not hide the fact that only chamotte clay was certified. Dear customers who bought the products in the online store "House of Comfort"! We thank YOU for your choice and patience! We hope that this was the only minus the work of the store. We have fulfilled our promise and proudly announce that the products of the Internet store "House of Comfort" - tandirs, furnaces http://www.domkomforta.budsvit.ua/sadovaya-tehnika-i-instrument/ as well as additional accessories made of stainless food steel All laboratory tests and tests have been successfully passed. Our products have no harmful impurities and do not release harmful substances at high temperatures, ......

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