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The history of Tandyr, from antiquity to modernity, in different nations

Tandyr is a clay oven that is dug in the ground or ground in the form of barrels in height from a meter to one and a half meters. In Armenia, "Tandyr" is called "Tonir" or "Tundir" and it is one of the oldest furnaces in the world. Archaeologists have found the remains of "Tonirov" and there are pieces of burned lavash at the beginning of the 20th century in the medieval Armenian capital Ani (near the church "Gagkashen") during excavations. In ancient times, "Tandyr" was used not only for cooking, but also for heating the dwelling and considered it a sacred place helping to get rid of illness. In the settlements where church buildings were absent, the priests had the right to conduct a marriage ceremony in front of Tonir. It was believed that Armenian women leaned in front of Tonir while baking bread and worshiping the sun. In the Nagorno-Karabakh, "Tonira" was installed away from a dwelling house, under special canopies or a special room "Tonratun". There was one such "Tonir" for several houses. According to the Armenian tradition, men were not allowed to "Tonir" while women were baking bread in it. Since 2012, Tonir Festival - "Tonraton" - is a culinary festival of dishes prepared in "Tonir" (Tandir). two kinds of "Tandyrs" - earth and ground. Terrestrial "Tandyrs" are the most popular and their production is more complicated. For many centuries, the technology of production of such "Tandyrs" is being improved by masters of the east. "Tandyr" terrestrial is very effective in our time and is becoming more and more popular in European cities, as the taste and useful properties of food are preserved while cooking in it. Scientists from different countries studied food prepared in tandoor and proved that this method is the most useful. Dishes are cooked in their own juice, without adding butter, which allows you to store all useful minerals and vitamins. The lack of oil is the absence of cholesterol, so there is no harmful effect on the heart and blood system. As for the taste qualities, whatever it is, and in Tandyr you can cook practically any products (vegetables, first dishes, pilaf, meat , fish, bird, etc.) all have juicy, incredible aroma and literally melt in the mouth. No gas, electric furnace of the highest technology can compare with this wonderful, ancient invention called "Tandyr". The aroma, juiciness, use and speed of cooking undoubtedly puts it in the first place. Modern portable Armenian "Tandyr" is made of high quality (chamotte) clay with thickness of walls from 3 to 7 cm. Furnaces in shape look like large pitchers with two-level covers and handles for carrying . Tandyrs are tightened with vertical and horizontal steel stripes. Such "Tandyram" always comes with additional accessories: Grilles, grilles, grill grills, horses, hooksHarrows for the birdShampurAll appliances and of course I want to share a real Armenian recipe. A useful and delicious dish called "Hashlika" ", This dish is one of the easiest in cooking. So, we will need: Meat of lamb (or calf) - 1 kg Red onion - 2 large headsPerecz Bulgarian - 2 pcs. different colors Pomidoras fresh - 3-4 pcs. (medium) Greens - parsley, kinza, basil, dillSol, pepper to taste. Pecans cut quite large rings. Greens are finely chopped. Meat cut into medium pieces. All products are put in a pot. Butter is not used and the dish is both tasty and dietary. Then pour a beer out of the calculation a glass per kg of meat and as much water. Lose the kettle in the tandyr and bring it to readiness. Everything is very fast and simple, and most importantly it is very tasty. The proud appetite)

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