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The history of tandyr from antiquity to modern times in different nations.

I want to continue the topic of tandyr, a unique and magical oven in which you can cook an incredibly tasty, and most importantly, healthy and healthy food. Today, humanity has come to understand that you need to eat right, eat healthy food, but at the same time wants it to be refined tasty and not difficult to prepare. In the age of high technology and rapid progress, cooking speed is also very important. And yet, no "high tech" compares with the good old tandoor, the food that is cooked in it, has an unforgettable and unique taste. It will be about the Uzbek tandoor. In different nations it is called Tonir, Tunir, Tone, but in Uzbekistan this stove is called Tandyr. In each Uzbek courtyard there is a tandoor. It is an integral part of national life. Here, in Uzbekistan, as well as many centuries ago, only a small circle of masters of pottery owns the secret of its production. The main property and undoubtedly the dignity of the tandyr, as a furnace, is that the dishes in it are heated absolutely evenly from all sides and thanks to this, all products are prepared quickly, but remain juicy, fragrant and retain all the useful properties. The clay from which they create tandyr is not suitable for everyone. In Uzbekistan itself, such clay is not found everywhere. A special feature is the so-called "live clay". The walls of it do not burn to the state of the finished ceramics. Clay for these furnaces is brought from Akhangaran, which is located sixty kilometers from Tashkent. That it can withstand high temperature and has good ductility. Lamb or camel wool is also added to this clay. After production, dried in the sun for 10-15 days. This is the uniqueness of such furnaces. Their walls take the energy of fire, heat up quickly and then emit infrared waves for a very long time, but at the same time low thermal conductivity saves heat inside and evenly maintains the right temperature. Famous Uzbek tandyr cakes rightfully entered the heritage of humanity. The ability to cook them properly is a valuable profession and is passed on from great-grandfathers to grandchildren. There are whole dynasties, only one or two people out of ten completely master the subtleties of this practically art. There are not so many masters for making flat cakes in Tashkent, if you count, there are only a few dozen. Flapjacks are planted in a tandoor with a round-sized pellet cushion. Hand to elbow protect with a special mitten. The bottom of the cake should be treated with saline solution, so that it is well kept on the wall. Landing requires a special skill, you need to sculpt quickly, but with great care so as not to spoil its shape. While the cakes are baked, they are sprayed with water from time to time to form steam and this gives them shine and increases volume. In the makhalla, the quarter is called “Katta Havus” in the translation “Big water”, which lives in Tashkent’s “old city” hereditary master Alimdzhan Rakhimdzhanov. His grandfather was the founder of the dynasty and his name was Tulyagan. It was he who transferred his skills to the son of Hasanbay and he, in turn, Alimdzhan. His famous tandoor, than that, resemble large jugs in which robbers hid in the courtyard of Ali Baba. Today such tandoors are used for home, country and professional production of flat cakes, samsa and naturally kebabs, fish, meat, vegetable and many other dishes. And of course, the Uzbek plov recipe, but again it will be a dietary, modern chicken pilaf and its cooking time will take only 1 hour and 15 minutes. So ingredients: Rice - 600 g Chicken - 1 kg Bulb onion - 3 heads Vegetable Oil - 150 ml first tomato sauce - 1 teaspoon lozhkaMorkov - 800 grMoloty red pepper - to vkusuPerets ground black - at vkusuKinza - at vkusuHmeli -suneli - vkusuBarbaris by - at vkusuSol - 3 teaspoonfuls lozhkiKuritsu to cut into pieces, salt, pepper, sprinkle Khmeli Suneli. Rice pour 1 liter of hot water. Cauldron lowered into the tandoor and pour sunflower oil to the bottom. Cut the onion into rings and put it into the cauldron with the meat, add the tomato sauce. Cut the carrots into slices and when the meat is almost ready to pour the carrots on top, all the spices are on it (red and black pepper, hops -suneli, cilantro and barberry). Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. At this time, rinse the rice well with cold water 7-8 times, pour it into the cauldron, smooth and pour 3 cups of boiled water. In each glass is a teaspoon of salt. Cover and simmer until water evaporates. After opening the lid and a wooden stick to make holes. Close the lid and simmer for 5-10 minutes. After remove from heat and the dish is ready. Enjoy your meal!)

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Литошенко Иван Алексеевич
05 11 2018 15:22
comment: Я вообще не представляю, как можно без мяса прожить Раньше думал, что вегетарианцы таким образом хотят с економить на еде, но посчитала и вышло что их питание выходит или так же или чуть дешевле. И не надо путать есть мясо или магазинные продукты содержащие запах мяса. Да и на базаре сейчас страшно мясо брать, как пройдешь посмотришь на то что оно у них на земле в кульках лежит, так и покупать перехочется. Последние несколько раз заказывал мясо кроля для внучки на этом сайте
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comment: готовим постоянно

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