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Prepare in Tandyr!

Dear customers, in this blog of our online store "House of Comfort" will be provided information and photographs of the recipes of the best and delicious dishes cooked in tandoor with the use of additional tandoor accessories made of food stainless steel: skewer, 2-level grating " Transformer ", a kebab, a birdie attachment, a universal device" Yerochka ". All additional accessories for tandyrs are manufactured in accordance with GOST 27002-86 and have the Conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Examination under No. 05.03.02-04 / 84075 dated August 22, 2012. Photos, and especially the recipes of the dishes that are presented in this blog are real and made by the staff of our team, but if you are ready to share their recipes, cooked dishes in tandyr - please let us know and we will gladly place your information on our website. Stay tuned! Enjoy the cooking process! Enjoy the delicious meal! We are preparing pig breeds on the 2-tier grid Transformer. When cooking this dish, the ribs need not be separated, they are prepared with a whole piece (layer), but laid out in such a way that the layer of ribs is placed on the grid. So, we rinse the meat well, we remove the necessary fat, film and put the ribs in a container to zamarinovat. Marinade. We take comfortable dishes for the preparation of the marinade so that it can be mixed with all the components of the marinade and get a little viscous and creamy mass. Lubricate harvested pork ribs with marinade and leave to marinate in a cold place from 2-8 hours. The time of marinating depends on the meat you have bought, as well as on how much time you have before the arrival of guests. For the marinade we use: salt, pepper, French mustard, soy sauce, honey and pomegranate juice. You can add one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Salt, pepper and soy sauce to taste, mustard and honey for one teaspoon, pomegranate juice can be used ready (bought in the store) or a quarter of a pomegranate squeeze out in a marinade with grains. It's even tastier. If you wish, you can add dry grasses. We paste the finishes onto a 2-tier lattice "Transformer" and bake in the tandyr until ready. Prepared in tandoor with closed covers (large and small). Estimated time of preparation in the warm time of year: 15-20 minutes. Estimated time of preparation in the cold season: 30-45 minutes. To get a golden crust, we recommend 10-15 minutes before being ready to open a small lid and podvevalo.Ispolzuetsya: 2-tiered grille "Transformer" - a universal accessory for tandoor. On it, meat, vegetables, fish, and pita bread are cooked, and the lower tier can still be used as an installation site for clay loam. This lattice consists of two tiers. Each tier has two handles, therefore, it is possible to use two tiers simultaneously or one (upper or lower). The grid must be selected in accordance with the size of the neck of your tandoor. The whole house chicken in the tandoor, using the bird's nozzle. When cooking this dish we used a home-made chicken that was bought on the market. It must be taken into account that the home chicken prepares for a longer time, but such a chicken is much more useful than the one bought in the store. So, we prepare a chicken. I do not think it is necessary to tell how to wash and how to clean the domestic chicken and prepare it for use. They all know. Marinath. As always, we take comfortable dishes for the preparation of marinade and mix all the ingredients. For the marinade you can use the ingredients mentioned in the previous recipe (pork ribs on the grid) or prepare a second option that also deserves attention: salt, pepper, garlic, mayonnaise or butter, white wine or pomegranate juice, a little turmeric and rosemary Salt, pepper and garlic to taste, 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise or 30 grams of butter, 50 grams of white wine or pomegranate juice. All the ingredients are thoroughly stirred, we smear the chicken and leave to marinate from 6 to 10 o'clock. We plant the chicken marinated on a special bird pouch (the effect of the cans when baking the whole chicken in the oven) and bake in the tandyr until ready. Prepared in tandoor with closed covers (large and small). Estimated time of preparation in the warm season: 40-60 minutes. Estimated time of preparation in the cold season: 60-90 minutes. In order to get a golden crust we recommend to open a small lid for 15-20 minutes before being ready. It is used: a special nozzle for preparing a whole bird carcase (chicken, turkey, duck, goose) in a tandyr, but the carcass must be picked up according to the size of the neck of your tandoor .

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