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 Tandoor from chamotte clay №1-С (standard)

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Specifications Tandoor from chamotte clay №1-С (standard)

Weight and size
Total height 86 sm
Weight 50 kg
Thickness of the wall 5 sm
Height without cover 65 sm
Diameter of inlet 30 sm
The diameter of the body of the product 47 sm
Capacity 40 L
Depth 47 sm
Design / Cladding Wild stone
Additional characteristics
Material The certified material is white kalinic clay mixed with fire-resistant chamotte.
Performance properties Resistance to weathering (rain, snow), Resistance to seasonal temperature extremes, frost resistance.
Product type Standard
Type of instalation Metal bedpost
Ecological purity Yes
Application area Private country houses and suburban areas, as well as catering facilities: cafes, restaurants, campgrounds, motels.
Purpose For cooking kebabs, meat ham, rabbit meat, poultry meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, flour products, as well as for cooking first courses and pilau.
Manufacturer country Ukraine
Product kit Included: poker, scoop, cross bar. In addition: the side forged shelf 500 UAH for a piece, the mechanism of opening the cover 300 UAH, forged inflating 400 UAH.
Additionall The possibility of additional accessories (grilles, Christmas trees, skewers, hooks, cast-iron cauldrons for first courses and pilaf.)
And other The principle of achieving the working temperature of a tandyr is wood or charcoal.

Video Tandoor from chamotte clay №1-С (standard)

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